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Web Designer

Responsibilities :

  • Create Mockup / User Flows Website
  • Translate Mockup to Html, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Create a responsive website, Cross-browser, mobile friendly, clean code, reusable and maintainable
  • Create Landing Page
  • Editing content, testing, debugging code and re-designing web pages
  • Understanding of UI/UX for website

Requirements :

  • Have Knowledge HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Bootstrap, Responsive Web Design
  • Have Knowledge Wordpress & SEO Basic
  • Have a Passion on this field
  • Fresh Graduate are welcome
  • U can give your portfolio : (your website link)

Send your CV to :

Subject Email = Your Name | Position, E.g (Riri | Web Designer)


Job Qualifications :

  • Female
  • Preferably possess Diploma 3 degree in Tourism, Hospitality, Public Relation, International Relations, Business Administration and English litelature
  • Proficiency in English
  • Confident, active and friendly
  • The ability of communication and presentation skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Passionate to satisfy customer needs
  • Love the challenge of every busy days
  • Work base domicile will base on need

Job Responsibilities :

  • Greeting and servings customer with warmth
  • Assisting or directing customer based on their needs and complaints
  • Presenting company's products and facility
  • Filing incoming mail on behalf clients
  • Preparing facilities reserved by clients

Send your CV to :

Subject Email = Your Name | Position, E.g (Jessica | Customer Service Representative)


Job Qualifications :

  • Minimum possess Diploma 3 degree
  • Proficiency in English
  • Strong communication, the ability to negotiate and attractive on delivering presentations
  • Proven working experience in sales and passionate in sales
  • Self-motivated with a results-driven approach
  • Willing to work mobile
  • Work base domicile will base on company's need

Job Responsibilities :

  • Presents and follows up generating and prospecting leads
  • Utilizing innovative and creative sales tactics to achieve sales target
  • Touring and demonstrating company's service and company's branches that can be prospecting client business solutions
  • Together with the team actualizes to bring vOffice as the leading for instant business solutions

Send your CV to :

Subject Email = Your Name | Position, E.g (Vivi | Executive Sales Representative)


Job Qualifications :

  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's degree in Law
  • Comprehend in company establisment and company permits
  • Must have more than 2 years experience in related field
  • The ability of strong, clear but friendly both in communications and presentation skills
  • The ability of English both oral and written is preferable
  • Reliable, active and ready to work mobile, customer satisfaction oriented, love the challange of fast and dynamic working environment

Job Responsibles :

  • Gives consultancy for clients and team for all company incorporation matters
  • Responsible for drafting and reviewing the company establisment and company permit documents with valid legistation
  • Responsible for maintaining client, partnership and team (inter & intra) relationships
  • Follows up leads with all media communications provided by company

Send your CV to :

Subject Email = Your Name | Position, E.g (Mila | Company Incorporation Legal Consultant)

Virtual Office gladly accepts:

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