The operating hours of PT. vOffice (hereinafter referred as "vOffice") will be from 08:00 until 18:00, Monday to Friday and will adhere the public holidays, in accordance with the Indonesian Law that applied in the state of DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. vOffice may also declare certain bussiness days at certain dates with prior notice of at least five (5) days before.


vOffice primary communication channel are through email. The email will sent through vOffice Corporate Email Server to the email address that provided by the Client on the registration form. Clients is obligated to inform vOffice shall there be any changes in the the email address.


Notwithstanding the signing by the client of this Terms of Use and Agreement (hereinafter referred as "AGREEMENT"), this agreement shall prevail only if vOffice has received the due payment to the vOffice Account, and the Client has completed and submitted the required documents.

vOffice is not responsible for any delays in services that given, due to Client’s delays in completing the required documents.


Client understands that vOffice, on its sole discretion may suspend/terminate services at any time, with or without notice, in case of a default in payment of bills by Client and/or has violated this Agreement.

Upon such temporary suspension/termination of this Agreement, the Client should immediately discontinue the use of the service, and obliged to state that vOffice is no longer as a service provider of the Client’s office. Any use of vOffice services after the temporary suspension/termination of this Agreement are considered as violations. Client is obliged to inform the temporary suspension/termination of services by the Client to the authorities. vOffice has the right to allocate the property that is leased to another party.


vOffice is not responsible for any damage/loss of mail, e-mail, parcels and goods belong to the Client that left within the vOffice premises that is not taken within 14 (fourteen) days after notification. vOffice will not accept delivery of any goods if the sender or recipient’s address that can not be identified/not registered in our Client list. vOffice has the right to open the mail, e-mail, parcels and goods belong to the Client if considered as a suspicious item without prior approval.

vOffice is not liable as a guarantor, both orally and in written to the Client or third parties, on loans of money/credit application/credit that owned by the Client. Where there are threats of any kind, vOffice shall immediately report it to the authorities and unilaterally stop the service provided by vOffice if it’s interfering with the operational activities of vOffice.

vOffice may modify the terms of use Agreement in its sole discretion and will be considered accepted by the Client upon vOffice notification of that changes through our primary communicatios channel and if did not receive any objection from the Client within 72 hours of notification.

vOffice shall not be responsible for matters that beyond its power and authority, including changes in government policies/institutions as well as civil and criminal violations committed by the Client. vOffice is responsible in fulfilling the Client’s needs in accordance to this Agreement only.

vOffice is not legally responsible for actions/events, losses or expenses that occur from handling phone calls on behalf of the Client.


Our service will be automatically renewed unless there is a notification from the Client, hence the system will automatically generate a new invoice at the end of the billing cycle for the extension of the service. The bill shall be accepted if there is no further notice from the Client within 72 (seventy-two) hours from notification via email. The payment shall immidiately done in a period of at least 7 (seven) working days after the payment is accepted and approved. Renewal of the services will officially prevail only if vOffice has accepted payment of the new invoice.

To be understood that the only way to confirm cancellation of services by the Client, is by filling out vOffice Services Cancellation Form which can be obtained from vOffice website: or by calling + 6221-29222999 to get a fax copy of the cancellation form.

Voffice has the full right of the payment received and there will be strictly no refund should there be early voluntary termination by the Client due to any reasons.


vOffice can accept VISA and MasterCard credit cards with minimum validity of 12 months.

Recurring payment is currently available for Platinum and Platinum+ plans of virtual office.

The initial payment includes the 1st and the 12th months. Those are not refundable. The rest 10 months will be charged in monthly basis.

Shall the monthly payment meets failure on the scheduled date, Client must immediately contact vOffice representative to pay via other payment method or change Bank Account details.

Shall the payment on the following months are failed and the Client does not notify vOffice within maximally 14 days from the due date, all the facilities will temporarily be shut down until the Client complete the necessary payment.

Virtual Office gladly accepts:

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