Virtual Office South Jakarta

Virtual Office South Jakarta by vOffice has been approved by the Government so that it can be used for PKP purposes. vOffice can also handle the establishment of a Business Entity (PT).

Available in 35+ Strategic & Premium Business District Locations in Indonesia including JaBoDeTaBek, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali and Medan.

With vOffice Virtual Office you can work anywhere and anytime, and free use of meeting rooms in all vOffice locations.

Virtual Office Jakarta Selatan

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Your Virtual Office will be activated immediately after signing the agreement.

The Benefits of vOffice Virtual Office for Your Business:

1) Lower Operational Costs

Without the need to rent physical office space, companies can save on rent, electricity, utilities, office equipment, and maintenance costs.

2) Enhance Company Image

Having a prestigious business address in strategic & premium business locations in Jakarta creates a professional image that reassures clients and business partners.

3) Work More Flexibly

Virtual offices enable teams or individuals to work from anywhere, making team members more flexible to work from home, the office, or other locations.

4) Effective and Efficient

Virtual Office solutions reduce operational costs, offer work flexibility, reduce travel time to physical offices, alleviate stress from traffic congestion and parking issues.

5) Representative Office

Located in strategic business areas, premium buildings, and elegant office interior designs can serve as a representative office when you want to meet clients or partners.

6) Eligible for Taxable Entrepreneur (PKP)

Companies using vOffice virtual office can apply for and obtain Taxable Entrepreneur (PKP) status, increasing business cooperation opportunities with the government.

7) Free Meeting Room Usage

Free access to vOffice's Meeting Rooms in 35 strategic locations across Indonesia for meetings with business partners or client presentations.

8) Professional Receptionists

Our trained professional receptionists will handle documents and guests, serving visitors who come to your virtual office, effectively becoming your office representatives.

9) Call Answering & Mail Handling

We will receive letters, packages, documents, and forward any calls from potential clients or business partners in English or Indonesian.

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vOffice Virtual Office Facilities

Alamat Domisili Bisnis
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Mail & Visitor Handling
Private Office

Best Virtual Office Location Options in South Jakarta

Jakarta Selatan

Centennial Tower

KPP Setiabudi 3

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia


Menara Rajawali

KPP Setiabudi 3

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia


Menara Kuningan

KPP Setiabudi 1

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia


The CEO Building

KPP Cilandak

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia


Office 8

KPP Kebayoran Baru 1

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia


Metropolitan Tower

KPP Cilandak

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia


GKM Tower

KPP Pasar Minggu

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia


Graha Surveyor Indonesia

KPP Setiabudi 1

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia


Treasury Tower

KPP Kebayoran Lama 1

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia



KPP Permata Hijau

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia


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Manage your virtual office in real time

vPortal is a platform created specifically for vOffice clients. Here are the vPortal Features:

  • Get notified when someone calls you, see details of the name, phone number and message and forward the call/message to you. and message and forward the call/message to you.
  • Be notified when we receive mail/packages on your behalf andinstruct us to store it, scan it or forward the letter/package to you.
  • You can book Meeting Room and Coworking Space online & real time.
  • Receive special invitations to our events and get the latest announcements or promos. announcements or promos.

Virtual Office vOffice Plan


Rp 650.000

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IDR 6.900.000



IDR 12.240.000



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Rp 880.000

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Rp 9.500.000



Rp 16.560.000


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Rp 1.182.000

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Rp 12.400.000



Rp 19.655.000


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Rp 1.660.000

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Rp 14.900.000



Rp 27.000.000


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Virtual Office + PT Establishment Package


IDR 10.900.000
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IDR 11.900.000
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IDR 14.900.000
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IDR 15.900.000
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The following are the requirements that you must fulfill if you want to use vOffice Virtual Office

Does not yet have a Business Entity

  • Check Virtual Office rented in personal name
  • Check ID Card (KTP) of the Applicant
  • Check Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) of the Applicant
  • Check Activation Form

Already have a Business Entity

  • Check Virtual Office rented under the company's name
  • Check Deed of Establishment for Limited Liability Company (PT)
  • Check Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) for the Business Entity
  • Check Director's Identity Card (KTP)
  • Check Business Registration Number (NIB)
  • Check Decree from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (SK Kemenkumham)
  • Check Activation Form

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

To date, vOffice has more than 35 centers spread across Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali and Medan.

All vOffice locations can be used as Virtual Office, except MRT Business Space.

vOffice is already taxable so that vOffice Virtual Office can be used for taxable purposes.

You can use vOffice Virtual Office even if you don't have a business entity yet. Simply by attaching a deed covernote and personal NPWP.

vOffice Virtual Offices in all locations are priced the same.

You need to fill in the activation form, company deed, SK Kemenkumham, NIB, and NPWP. of the business entity.

You can rent a vOffice Virtual Office with a minimum lease of 12 months.

You can make installment payments using Tokopedia vOffice.

Individual PTs can use vOffice Virtual Office by attaching the company's legality. of the company.

To apply for PKP, you need to attach the company's legality, company turnover, and certain requirements according to each tax office.

Meeting Room facilities can only be used on weekdays (Monday - Friday) during business operating hours. business operating hours. Outside of this time, additional fees will be charged according to the provisions of each center.

All facilities can be used in all centers if you use Virtual Office Gold, Virtual Office Platinum, and Virtual Office Pro.

Law Firms that can use Virtual Office services are Individual Law Firms by including a Peradi card as a substitute for the Company AKTA.

Domicile Certificate will be issued within 1 (one) working day, starting after all required documents have been received. all required documents have been received.

PMA can rent a Virtual Office, our legal team will assist and answer any further questions. further.

What are the benefits of renting a virtual office in South Jakarta?

Here are the benefits of renting a virtual office in South Jakarta from vOffice:


Strategic location

South Jakarta is located in the center of Jakarta, allowing easy access to various parts of Indonesia. South Jakarta also has access to various modes of transportation, such as trains, buses, taxis, and private vehicles. This strategic location can help businesses to reach customers and business partners throughout Indonesia.


Large market

South Jakarta has a population of more than two million people, consisting of various backgrounds and income levels. This large market can provide a great opportunity for businesses to grow.

Quality of human resources

South Jakarta has many universities and colleges that produce quality graduates. In addition, South Jakarta also has many training and certification institutions that can improve the skills of the workforce. This high quality of human resources can help businesses to increase productivity and competitiveness.

Good infrastructure

South Jakarta has good infrastructure, such as roads, public transportation, and telecommunications. By opening a virtual office in South Jakarta, it will be easier for businesses to operate and grow.

With these factors, South Jakarta is an attractive area for businesses to open a virtual office.

High flexibility

A high level of flexibility is one of the main benefits of using a virtual office. You don't need to rent a physical office space entirely, thus reducing the cost of rent, office maintenance, and utilities. Not only that, you can also utilize Virtual Office facilities as needed, so that it can adapt to the changing needs of your business.

More Efficient

Efficiency is another benefit. By using a Virtual Office, you can reduce the administrative burden associated with having your own physical office. The Virtual Office provider will handle the administration such as mail management, phone management, and other administrative support, so you can focus on your core business activities.


What are the South Jakarta Virtual Office Facilities from vOffice?

The following is an explanation of each of the South Jakarta Virtual Office facilities from vOffice:

Business Domicile Address

Virtual Office South Jakarta from vOffice provides a prestigious address that you can use as your official business address. This gives a professional impression to your clients and business partners.

Professional Receptionist

With vOffice's South Jakarta Virtual Office facility, you will have a receptionist ready to serve guests or take phone calls on behalf of your business. They will provide reception services or receive calls in a polite and professional manner.

Meeting Room

By renting a South Jakarta Virtual Office from vOffice, you can utilize the meeting rooms available in more than 35 locations throughout Indonesia to hold business meetings, presentations, or negotiations with your clients or business partners.

Call Answering Service

This service will assist you in receiving phone calls from your clients and business partners. Calls will be answered with your company name, creating the impression that you have a physical office.

Dedicated Phone Number

You will have a business phone number dedicated only to your company, which makes it easier to communicate with clients and business partners.

Mail & Visitor Handling

vOffice will handle incoming mail and packages, as well as assist in receiving guests or visitors who come to your virtual office in South Jakarta.

Private Office

In addition to virtual office facilities, you can also use private office space if needed. This space can be used for work that requires privacy and comfort.


You will have access to shared workspaces or flexible workspaces, which allow you to work comfortably and efficiently, especially if you require a structured work environment.

All vOffice's South Jakarta Virtual Office facilities are designed to help your business grow and operate efficiently without having to have an actual physical office.


Where is the best area to rent a virtual office in South Jakarta?

vOffice provides the best selection of virtual offices at low prices in various strategic locations in South Jakarta. Please visit our page below:


How to rent a South Jakarta virtual office from vOffice

The following are the steps to rent a South Jakarta virtual office from vOffice:

  1. Request a proposal for your desired Virtual Office location in South Jakarta.
  2. We will gladly accept your visit to the location. 
  3. Once you sign the agreement, your Virtual Office is ready.


Anda juga bisa memilih lokasi strategis lainnya dari vOffice untuk Virtual Office Jakarta:

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