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PIK, North Jakarta | KPP Pluit

vOffice Gold Coast PIK

Working at vOffice Gold Coast PIK promises a unique working experience amidst an inspiring and dynamic atmosphere in the northern coast area of Jakarta. Its strategic location in the PIK area provides easy access to rapidly developing business and entertainment centers. With modern facilities and high-quality services, vOffice Gold Coast PIK offers a comfortable and productive workspace for individuals and companies. Comprehensive facilities such as meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology and efficient administrative services support daily business needs. Additionally, the beauty of the sea view and the refreshing atmosphere surrounding the complex enriches the working experience, creating an inspirational and rejuvenating environment for sustainable business growth. With a combination of strategic location and comprehensive facilities, vOffice Gold Coast PIK is an attractive choice for those seeking a dynamic work environment that fosters creativity and productivity.

Virtual Office at Gold Coast PIK 


Renting a non-physical office space in the form of a business address with regular office facilities, such as meeting rooms and receptionists. A Virtual Office can make your business run more efficiently and effectively.

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Meeting Office at Gold Coast PIK


Our comfortable meeting room options come in various sizes. Not only will you get a strategically located venue for your meetings, but you'll also enjoy affordable prices and an atmosphere that you won't find elsewhere when you're in a meeting. Additionally, there are several meeting room facilities available for your use.


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Serviced Office at  Gold Coast PIK


vOffice Serviced Office is a ready-to-use office space equipped with furniture and facilities to support your business. With elegant design, it can enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your team's work.

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Building Information :


  • 37-story building
  • ATM
  • Local bank
  • Mini market
  • Employee cafeteria
  • Separate toilets for men and women
  • Executive lift
  • Executive toilet
  • Prayer room
  • 24/7 security



Office Zoning

Located in a government-certified commercial/office zone designated as the company's domicile.

Dedicated Phone Number

A dedicated phone number for your company, making your business look professional and trustworthy.

Mail & Visitor Handling

Letters and packages sent to your company address will be notified to you, and you are free to pick them up anytime.

Receptionist Services

Professional receptionist services ready to assist you in receiving incoming documents and providing notifications to you.

Strategic Business Address

A strategic and prestigious business address that can be used for official company domicile purposes while also giving the impression of a legitimate company.

Call Answering Service

Telephone Answering Service to receive and forward every call from potential clients or business partners.

PKP Registration

Beneficial for your company's image and enhances opportunities for business cooperation with the government.

Legal Requirements

Preparation of deeds, SKDP, NPWP, SIUP, TDP, BNRI & other important documents.

Meeting Room

Access to over 100 Meeting Rooms in 50 locations for your business needs.

Facilities around Gold Coast PIK


2 minutes to Swissotel Jakarta PIK, 6 minutes to Mercure Jakarta.


2 minutes to OakWood Apartment, 2 minutes to Gold Coast Sea Apartment.

Mall/Shopping Center

3 minutes to PIK Avenue, 5 minutes to Central Market PIK, 17 minutes to Pluit Village Mall.


4 minutes to Tzu Chi Hospital, 7 minutes to PIK Hospital.


7 minutes to Transjakarta Cluster Violin Bus Stop, 17 minutes to Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

Virtual Office vOffice Plan


Per month
IDR 650.000  /month

Sign Up Price


IDR 6.900.000

12 Month Package (SAVE 12%)


IDR 12.240.000

24 Month Package(SAVE 42%)

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Per month
IDR 880.000  /month

Sign Up Price


IDR 9.500.000

12 Month Package (SAVE 10%)


IDR 16.560.000

24 Month Package (22% DISC)

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Per month
IDR 1.182.000  /month

Sign Up Price


IDR 12.400.000

12 Month Package (SAVE 13%)


IDR 19.655.000

24 Month Package (31% DISC)

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Per month
IDR 1.660.000  /month

Sign Up Price


IDR 14.900.000

12 Month Package (SAVE 25%)


IDR 27.000.000

24 Month Package (32% DISC)

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Serviced Office vOffice Gold Coast 

Capasity for 4 Pax

Per month
Ready-to-use room for 4 pax capacity
Start From IDR 5.700.000  /month
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Capasity for 5 Pax

Per month
Ready-to-use room for 5 pax capacity
Start From IDR 6.400.000  /month
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Capasity for 6 Pax

Per month
Ready-to-use room for 6 pax capacity
Start From IDR 9.000.000  /month
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Custom Pax

Per month
Ready-to-use rooms with customizable capacity.
Negotiable Price*  /month
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Available Room

Meeting Room

  Per hour
Gold Coast PIK, North Jakarta
Up to 10 Guests
08:00 - 18:00
IDR 255.000,00
Projector / Smart TV
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Discussion Room

  Per hour
Gold Coast PIK, North Jakarta
Up to 2 Guests
08:00 - 18:00
IDR 255.000,00
Projector / Smart TV
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Komitmen inilah yang kemudian membuat kami dipercaya oleh lebih dari 50.000 klien dan berkembang hingga memiliki 35 lokasi di seluruh Indonesia. Kami juga senantiasa beradaptasi dengan kemajuan teknologi dalam memberikan layanan kami.

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