Make It Comfortable, Follow this Office Space Tips

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Almost all office employees spend half of their time inside the office space. Therefore, office space planning needs to be designed with employee comfort in mind. By providing a comfortable work environment, employee productivity and efficiency will automatically increase.

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Tips for Office Space Planning Based on Design

  1. Open Office Design:

    • This design is the most popular and widely applied in various types of companies, especially those in the creative and technology sectors, such as Digital Hub BSD City. Even some large organizations in their early stages also use the open office concept.
    • As the name suggests, open office spaces prioritize open areas without partition walls, unlike cubicle-style offices.
    • Some companies typically use long desks to implement the open office concept. Others use individual desks arranged in parallel to create a spacious feel. In addition to furniture arrangement, open office designs must also have adequate lighting.
    • Open offices can be an ideal choice for companies with limited space. This concept is also cost-effective and easy to implement. On the flip side, open offices can compromise employee privacy and may cause distractions for those who find it challenging to concentrate in an open space.
  2. Closed Office Design (Cubicle):

    • Also known as cubicles, closed office designs are commonly applied in formal companies or organizations. In contrast to open offices, closed offices use partition walls to separate each employee’s workspace.
    • The use of glass partitions can be a solution for smaller offices wishing to implement the cubicle concept. Glass partitions create a sense of spaciousness and also help in sound insulation.
    • The main advantages of this concept are enhanced privacy and reduced chances of disrupting employee concentration. The main drawback lies in the cost and implementation.
  3. Shared Office Design (Coworking Space):

    • This office space design is often used by freelancers. For those starting a business and facing office-related challenges, coworking spaces can be an ideal option. (read: What is Freelance: Definition, Examples, Advantages)
    • Renting a coworking space is like leasing an office that includes all business needs, such as meeting rooms, supportive furniture, technology equipment, and more.
    • Coworking spaces often come with unique elements like decorative plants and motivational decor that can be applied to other office designs.
  4. Combined Office Design (Hybrid Office):

    • This office space option is ideal for companies looking to maximize space utilization. With this concept, you can implement more than one type of office design simultaneously.
    • One form of hybrid office implementation is combining open and closed office concepts. In this case, some space is used to create enclosed rooms, while the rest is designed as an open workspace or innovative shared workspace.
    • This layout makes the office less monotonous and more dynamic. Employees have the freedom to choose the workspace that suits them. However, implementing this concept requires professional expertise and can be costly, especially for small startups.

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