What is Freelance: Definition, Examples, Advantages


The rapid development of technology has made a lot of difference to many things. Whether in terms of job position, salary, work location, or working hours. Nowadays, many people prefer to work flexibly or in other words, they can work without having to be tied to office hours and daily work hours which sometimes feel very long and boring.

One way to have a more flexible working location and hours is to become a freelancer. Those who become freelancers usually work from home, their favorite coffee shop, serviced office, co-working space, or while traveling, and can choose their own working hours. Freelancers also usually handle jobs related to technological advancements such as website designers, content and copywriters and other similar jobs.

Being a freelancer does seem more convenient, but there are several things you should know before deciding to become a freelancer, such as what is freelance, the advantages and disadvantages of freelance, examples of freelance work, and others.

What is Freelance?

Freelance is a job that is not bound by a long-term contract but still has strong work ties to the company. The contract given to freelancers usually only contains the project, design, processing time, and also the fees charged. The fees charged to freelancers will also vary depending on the difficulty of the project and also flight hours.

Differences between Freelancers and Ordinary Workers

Generally, ordinary employees or what is commonly called full-time workers will work on Monday – Friday with working hours ranging from 7-8 hours a day. Ordinary employees generally have a fixed monthly salary and are required to work in a predetermined place such as an office, shop, or factory. This is inversely proportional to freelancers who prioritize flexibility in terms of working hours, location, or work performed.

Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer

Being a freelancer has advantages and disadvantages, what are they? Here is a summary:

  • Advantages of Freelance Not bound by working hours

Freelance work is judged not by the presence of office attendance, but by the results. This factor makes freelance work very suitable for people who have time constraints but can still get the job done well.

  • Free working location

Being a freelancer also has the advantage of not being required to be present in the office. This factor makes freelance work suitable for those who want to avoid traffic jams, or for those who want to do remote work between cities or countries.

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  • Income

The salary earned by a freelancer is fluctuating or not fixed. The income generated will depend on the number of projects undertaken. This allows freelancers to manage whether they want to earn more or not every month.

  • Prospective

Many companies currently need freelancers, this is evidenced by the many freelance service provider sites that have emerged today. So it can be said that the opportunity to become a freelancer is very high.

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Disadvantages of Freelance
  • Support facilities

Because they do not have a permanent company, freelancers usually do not have insurance, or other office facilities.

  • Loss of inspiration

With many projects from various industries, it is not impossible that a freelancer will lose inspiration in his work. This will happen more often for those in the creative industry such as content writers, or web developers.

  • Difficult to socialize

Because they don’t have a fixed company and are not required to go to the office, freelancers will usually have difficulty socializing and find it difficult to make friends.

  • Social status

for some people, especially the generation above the 80s, a position and a settled job in one company is a must. This often leads to the misconception that a freelancer is unemployed.

Examples of Freelancer Job Types

If you are having trouble finding a suitable idea to start a freelance job, then we have summarized some jobs that are generally done by freelancers:

  • Content Writer
  • Ghostwriter
  • Design (logo, website, product, etc.)
  • Business Consultant
  • Proofreader
  • Barista
  • Photographer
  • Data Entry & Data Mining
  • Translation Services
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Tour Guide
  • Private Tutor

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Requirements and Skills that must be possessed to become a Freelancer

Before starting to look for freelance work, make sure you have some basic skillsets that all freelancers must have:

Having certain skills or expertise, skills in certain fields are the basis for being a freelancer.

before starting to look for freelance work, make sure you have some basic skillsets that all freelancers must have:

  • Having certain skills or expertise, skills in certain fields are the basis for being a freelancer. This expertise is what will be the attraction and also the selling power to the client. The higher the skill of a freelancer, the higher his marketability if he wants to collaborate with clients on a project.
  • Quick to adapt, being a freelancer is required to be able to adapt quickly. Because the projects given are required to work quickly and precisely under pressure. The projects handled will also vary depending on the industry, which is why freelancers are required to adapt quickly so that the project can run smoothly.
  • Commitment and professionalism of work, a freelancer must be able to determine his own time to work on projects. make sure the ongoing project does not interfere with other projects or activities so that it can be completed on time.

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Coworking for Freelancers

In order to stay productive, Coworking is the right solution for freelancers, employees, or even students. Coworking space is a flexible way of working with a shared workplace, different from the way of working in general, because it emphasizes collaboration, sharing. where workers there in addition to sharing space can also share information & experience.

Coworking space vOffice has several advantages, namely:

  • Conducive work environment
  • Sharing knowledge, experience & insight with other residents
  • Building a community
  • Increase collaboration opportunities with other tenants
  • You will get everything you need to work
  • Prices tend to be cheaper than conventional offices
  • Relieve boredom with a fun office atmosphere

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