Don’t Have a Business Domicile Address? Here’s How to Work Around It!

For any company, whether it’s a small, medium, or large-scale business, having a business domicile address is crucial. Apart from making your business appear professional, the domicile address is useful when dealing with permits and establishing a legal entity.

If you’ve been in the business field for a while, you might have heard of SKDP or Surat Keterangan Domisili Perusahaan (Letter of Company Domicile Certificate). This letter specifies the business address or location issued by the One-Stop Investment Service (Dinas Penanaman Modal Satu Pintu). SKDP is used for legal entities, while for non-legal entities, SKDU is used.

To facilitate entrepreneurs, SKDP was actually abolished a few years ago because its system was considered too complex. As a replacement, entrepreneurs can apply for SKDP online through the SKDP OSS system. The issued letter is valid for a lifetime and does not need to be renewed.

Virtual Office, a Solution for Those Without a Domicile Address

Even though the system is now more straightforward, it doesn’t mean that companies can establish themselves anywhere. Before processing business location permits, you must ensure that the location is within an office zone. Companies that still use a residential address as their domicile cannot apply for permits.

This is where a virtual office comes in as a solution so that you can still comply with the government’s regulations. Virtual offices are generally located in reputable office zones, making your business look more legitimate and professional. Compared to establishing or renting your own office, the costs for a virtual office are also much more flexible.

Why Choose a Virtual Office?

Why is a virtual office considered the best solution for your business?

  • Allows you to obtain a business domicile address in an office/commercial zone.
  • Costs less than renting your own office.
  • You also don’t have to incur building maintenance and office infrastructure costs.
  • Stress-free as various work processes are handled directly by the virtual office service provider, from receptionists to mail handling.
  • You get a phone number connected to the virtual office, so there’s no need to come in every day.

vOffice, as a virtual office service provider located in Jakarta, is ready to assist you if you don’t have a domicile address. Various other services, such as video conferencing, mail handling, meeting room rentals, and telephone answering services, are also available. Choose the package you want at vOffice to save up to 90% on traditional office costs!

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