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A foreign- possessed company in Indonesia is generally appertained to as a PT PMA – a Limited Liability company with foreign capital. It’s a common and favored company type or structure chosen by foreign businesses and investors, as it’s designed to meet the legal conditions quested by the government.

A foreign company is a business entity that is incorporated or registered in one country, but operates in another country. Foreign companies can take on various legal forms, such as a subsidiary, branch, or representative office.

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The process of establishing a foreign company involves registering the company with the relevant government agency or authority in the country where it will operate, obtaining any necessary licenses and permits, establishing a local presence, opening a local bank account, and complying with local laws and regulations.

It’s important to hire local legal and financial advisors who are familiar with the local laws and regulations, to assist with compliance and to answer any questions you may have. Additionally, implementing an internal control system to ensure that the foreign company is operating in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is crucial.

Our Company Setup services cover advising on your eligibility to start a PT PMA grounded on the business sector you operate in and setting up your company in agreement with the rearmost regulations.

7 Establishment of a PMA company in Indonesia Flow of procedures :

  1.  Blessing of Company Name
    It should correspond of three words that aren’t vulgar or stag.
  2.  Deed of objectification
    It should include an Composition of Association, and a notary must be present.
  3. Blessing of Legal reality
    After submission of Deed of objectification by the notary, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights will give blessing.
  4. Taxpayer Identification Number Registration (NPWP)
    A valid NPWP is needed for securing other company’s licenses, banking conditioning, and fulfilling duty scores.
  5. Domicile Letter
    Needed to show the position of your business.
  6. Operation of NIB
    Alongside NIB, Business License( s) and position Permit will also be granted one day following the enrollment via OSS.
  7.  Operation of Other Licenses
    Depending on the business sector, fresh licenses similar as marketable license and tourism license may be needed before

Benefits of PT PMA (Foreign Owned Business)

Capability To Employ Nonnatives
A foreign- possessed company can finance and issue work KITAS for its transnational workers. It can also finance business visas for business mates and guests arriving in Indonesia for a short stay.

Own The Rights To Register Products
Register your products under your PT PMA to ease business operations in Indonesia, rather of counting on an Importer of Records

Own The Rights To gain License
With a PT PMA, your company will be suitable to apply for colorful business licenses to further diversify your business portfolio or investments.

Other Conditions Of Starting a PT PMA For Foreign Power In Indonesia

Paid- Up Capital Amount
All PT PMA( s) are needed to fulfill the minimal paid- up capital of IDR 10 billion. Shareholders of the company are needed to subscribe off a Capital Statement Letter stating that the shareholders have sufficient finances to meet the needed capital.

The Structure Of A PT PMA
As outlined in Indonesia’s Company Law, a commercial structure of a PT PMA consists of Shareholders, Board of Officers, and Board of Directors.

A Shareholder as the namesake states owns the company
they could be individual or commercial shareholders. They’ve the loftiest authority when it comes to decision- timber. These can be individuals, businesses, or foundations. The PT PMA will also bear a minimum of 1 Commissioner and 1 Director.

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