Recommendations for Office Space Rental in SCBD, Jakarta

Rekomendasi Sewa Kantor di SCBD (sumber:wikipedia)

As the leading business hub in Jakarta, SCBD (Sudirman Central Business District) offers a variety of office rental options with various advantages. This article will guide you in finding your dream office in SCBD, from outlining the advantages of renting an office in this area to providing a list of prestigious office buildings from vOffice.

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Advantages of Renting an Office in SCBD Area

Here are the advantages you can experience when renting an office in SCBD:

  • Strategic Location: SCBD (Sudirman Central Business District) is a prestigious business district in Jakarta, surrounded by various offices, shopping centers, and luxury residences. This provides easy access for employees and clients.
  • Complete Facilities: Buildings in SCBD generally come equipped with various supporting facilities.
  • Prestige: Renting an office in SCBD can enhance the professional image and credibility of the company.
  • Business Network: Being in the SCBD environment allows you to network and explore business opportunities with renowned companies.
  • Transportation Access: SCBD is easily accessible by various modes of transportation, such as MRT, Trans Jakarta, and taxis.

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List of Office Buildings in SCBD

Here are vOffice’s recommendations for office buildings in SCBD:

Treasury Tower

Recommendations for Office Space Rental in SCBD
Recommendations for Office Space Rental in SCBD

Treasury Tower is a class A office building available for rent. Located in the SCBD Sudirman area, South Jakarta, this building is part of the District 8 development, which includes two other office buildings (Revenue and Prosperity), as well as condominium facilities (Infinity and Eternity), Oakwood Serviced Apartments, and Langham Residences.

Treasury Tower also provides essential retail facilities to support commercial and residential functions. The building is located just a fifteen-minute drive from the hospital, five minutes from the toll road, and a five-minute walk from shopping centers in South Jakarta.

Check office facilities at vOffice Treasury Tower SCBD:

Office 8

Recommendations for Office Space Rental in SCBD
Recommendations for Office Space Rental in SCBD

Office 8 is an office building available for rent located on Jalan Senopati, South Jakarta. The location of Office 8 is very close to the SCBD Sudirman area. Surrounding SCBD Sudirman is Pacific Place Jakarta, a famous shopping center, as well as various premium office buildings, restaurants, and bustling bars. There are also several high-rise apartment construction projects in the vicinity.

Check office facilities at vOffice Office 8 Senopati:

Renting an office in SCBD can be the right choice for companies looking to enhance their professional image, network, and gain access to various business opportunities. With careful planning and consideration, you can find the ideal office to support your business success.

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