Secret Sauce to increase your retail business

Are you in retail business? Do you have the secret sauce to increase your retail business? POS system is what you need!

Point of Sales system is the one thing you need if you’re in retail. The integrated system allows you to track your sales, track inventory, receive feedback from your customers. So, you know well what to do to improve your business.

This time, Indonesia Entrepreneur Center is inviting you to talk deeper about POS system.
We’re inviting Bayu Ramadhan, VP of Brand & Marketing at MOKA.

MOKA is a company that provides integrated POS system where businesses are able to serve their customers easily at the check-out counter and at the end of the day, owners will receive complete report on their sales across multiple outlets, inventory, feedback from customers, and provide analytics.

Let’s find out more about how POS system can revolutionize your business with Bayu Ramadhan.
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Tuesday, 10 April 2018
2.00 PM
Centennial Tower, Lv.29
Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta

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