What Happens after Your Startup Gets Acquired

Let’s talk about startup acquisition!
Join us and reveal the hidden facts about acquired startups.
This time, IDEC is inviting:
Hendra Tjanaka, CEO at Mapan. Mapan is a company that offers microfinance services and enables users to access funds as well as information by empowering independently-owned shops or factories with technology in the form of a mobile app. Mapan has been acquired by the famous GO-JEK. Find out what happens in Mapan after being acquired by the first Indonesian unicorn.

Razi Thalib, Founder & CEO at Setipe.com. Setipe.com is an online matchmaking service for singles to have a private, safer and more effective place to meet other compatible singles. Setipe.com has been acquired by Lunch Actually Group from Singapore.

The two CEOs will share their experience and knowledge about changes happening to a company after it’s being acquired by other companies, and what it does after being acquired.

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Wednesday, 2 May 2018
2.00 PM
Centennial Tower, Lv.29
Gatot Subroto, South jakarta

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