Supporting the Government’s Efforts to Boost the Economy, vOffice Group Launches 3 Offices in the City Center

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – After successfully establishing virtual offices and serviced offices in several major cities in Indonesia, vOffice is now innovating again by launching 3 new virtual offices in Jakarta, located in premium areas of the capital city such as Kencana Tower, Centennial Tower, and Kuningan Tower.

Group CEO of vOffice x Cre8, Albert Goh said this is vOffice’s initiative in helping the government increase economic growth in Jakarta, as well as encouraging an increase in the number of budding entrepreneurs in Jakarta.

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“This is one of our efforts to support the government in increasing economic growth. By expanding our vOffice network in the center of Jakarta, it will certainly provide benefits and convenience for budding entrepreneurs who are starting a business in Jakarta,” said Albert in Jakarta, yesterday.

Another specialty offered by vOffice is to provide a positive business ecosystem in all centers. providing services from upstream to downstream, ranging from making legalities, licensing, human resources, infrastructure to access to capital assistance.

“We offer business service assistance for our members. That way, they can focus more on more important things such as production, marketing strategies, business development or other company matters,” Albert explained.

As additional information, vOffice x Cre8 has a fairly extensive network. They currently have virtual offices and serviced offices spread across 22 locations in major cities ranging from Jakarta, Surabaya, to Bali, making it possible for entrepreneurs to run their businesses more efficiently.

In addition, vOffice x Cre8 also has its own online portal system in Indonesia. It was previously successfully launched in the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. This system allows members across the region, which amounts to 24,000, to connect with each other online and offline.

One more thing to note, in the next few weeks, vOffice x Cre8 will announce incentives worth a total of Rp. 10 Billion in workspace and mentorship for budding entrepreneurs in Jakarta in support of Indonesia’s entrepreneurial scene.

The program is a collaboration between vOffice, Cre8 and with the support of several Venture Capital and associations that they have gathered.

“We are finalizing the concept of cooperation, if this all goes well, it will help a lot of startups and entrepreneurs in Indonesia,” concluded Albert.

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