7 Essential Office Facilities for a Productive Work Environment

fasilitas kantor untuk bekerja

For the comfort of employees and oneself, a business owner must provide adequate office facilities. However, this doesn’t mean you have to provide all office facilities at once. You still need to consider the current needs of the office and can gradually implement them based on the available budget.

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Understanding Office Facilities

Office facilities encompass everything utilized by employees, related to work and supporting the smooth workflow. Employees should have easy access to these facilities, and their sources should be unlimited. This ensures employees can utilize the facilities effectively, resulting in optimal and timely completion of work.

Therefore, having adequate office facilities is a crucial factor that enhances employee productivity. This means you cannot demand the best results from employees without providing the necessary tools for them to work.

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7 Office Facilities that Must Be Available for Work

As mentioned earlier, the provision of office facilities can be done according to specific needs. However, there are several basic facilities that should be available in all offices, as explained below.

1. Internet Connection

Regardless of the business, a reliable internet connection is now a basic necessity. It is essential for activities such as searching for news, communication with colleagues and clients, updating social media, and uploading promotional materials.

When the internet is down, nearly all work is hindered. Therefore, choose a reliable internet provider that can meet the office’s internet access needs.

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2. Work Desk

If you prefer an open workspace, a large work desk with ergonomic chairs is sufficient as a workspace. However, not all parts of the office are ideal for this type of desk. For example, the finance department may require dedicated cubicles complete with a safety box and document storage for financial matters.

3. Laptop

A laptop is also a necessary office facility for work. Not all employees may have personal laptops, so providing office laptops allows for more flexible work arrangements.

Ensure to take inventory of the number of laptops purchased before distributing them to employees.

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4. Printer and Photocopier

Despite the digital age, printers and photocopiers are still essential. Printers are needed for printing important documents, official letters, or other office administrative needs. Photocopiers are also closely related to office administration.

You can save on operational costs by renting photocopiers based on the office’s usage volume.

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5. Meeting Room

Even if you favor an open office concept, having a meeting room is crucial. Many activities in the office require privacy, and discussions on certain matters cannot be conducted in an open space. For example, it serves as a space for job interviews, project discussions, team briefings, and private work-related conversations.

6. Kitchen

Working for 7-8 hours every day makes the office feel like a second home. Therefore, a functional kitchen is a necessary office facility. It doesn’t need to be extensive, but it should have essential kitchen appliances, such as a refrigerator, microwave, hot water dispenser, stove, cooking utensils, eating utensils, and a coffee maker.

Employees can bring their own food or prepare quick meals to keep them focused on work when their stomachs are satisfied.

7. Restroom

Another essential facility is a restroom. It’s unrealistic to expect employees not to use the restroom during their time in the office. Moreover, if the workplace is air-conditioned, a restroom is indispensable. Ensure that the restroom is designed for cleanliness and fragrance to provide a comfortable experience. Also, consider the ideal number of restrooms based on the office size and the number of employees.

Additionally, some offices provide shower facilities for employees who commute by bicycle or need to freshen up before or after work.

These are the seven office facilities that must be available for work. The presence of these facilities will undoubtedly make your employees feel comfortable and ready to showcase their best performance. For those who have businesses but don’t have a physical office yet, vOffice’s serviced office could be the right solution, providing a ready-to-use office concept with complete facilities. vOffice also caters to all your business needs in prime CBD locations without the hassle.

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