Definition of Coworking Space: a shared workspace

Coworking Space adalah

What is Coworking Space?

A new workspace where users work with others from different companies/organizations in one place. Coworking Space comes from the English language, meaning a space used for working, collaboratively producing works between individuals and companies with different business backgrounds.
Co-working space emphasizes the concept of sharing. In one room, there are various individuals, communities, and companies, especially startups. Typically, there is an open space for shared use and small rooms that can be rented by individuals, communities, or companies.

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The Phenomenon of Coworking Space

The co-working space industry in Southeast Asia grew by about fifteen percent in 2017. The opportunities in Indonesia, according to industry enthusiasts, are still significant, both in major cities and surrounding areas.
Mark Corbett, Co-founder of Pace Ventures, mentioned on that coworking space emerged as an alternative to expensive office spaces. The demand for workspace arose due to the increasing number of startups and the growing interest in freelance jobs.


What are the Benefits of Coworking Space?

Coworking space provides essential advantages in today’s business environment, such as networking and collaboration. With coworking spaces as gathering places for entrepreneurs, users can build more business connections for potential partnerships, clients, and discussion partners. With the possibility of collaboration and networking, businesses can grow rapidly due to the numerous opportunities and inspiration derived from diverse environments.
Moreover, Coworking Space addresses the issue of rising building operational costs. Since the office is provided by the coworking space provider, entrepreneurs no longer need to incur extra expenses for renting buildings, purchasing furniture like chairs and desks, paying for office internet management (maintenance), or hiring receptionists or security. Users can immediately focus on work and business.

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Facilities of Coworking Space

Coworking space providers typically offer essential facilities for businesses, including workspaces, internet connectivity, meeting rooms for client meetings and team discussions, and beverages such as mineral water, tea, and coffee. Users are also assisted by professional receptionists for handling incoming mail and packages. Some Coworking Spaces also provide a virtual address for legal purposes.

Who is Suitable for Using Coworking Space?

Coworking Space rental is offered as a solution for anyone looking to work with greater benefits and lower costs. Coworking is often used by SMEs and professional workers such as freelancers. Additionally, traditional businesses can also utilize the coworking space community for discussions and business collaborations.