7 Challenges for Starting a New Business

tantangan memulai bisnis

Starting a business is risky and not easy. Business startup challenges come from all aspects and must be overcome to the fullest. Starting a new business might be difficult, but knowing its initial challenges can help in facing the ups and downs of business management.

Here are seven challenges that new business owners must face:

1. Raising Capital

Starting a business invariably involves the challenge of acquiring capital. However, a successful business doesn’t always have to start with billions of Rupiah. Utilizing technology like social media business accounts, cost-effective website designs, and virtual workspaces can cut initial costs.

2. Building a Team

Starting a business can be easier with a team, but it also brings its challenges. A good team isn’t just about skills or professionalism but also shared vision and mission. Misalignment with the business owner’s ideals, vision, and mission can lead to conflicts that disrupt business development.

3. Multitasking Skills

Business startups often face difficulty in attracting many talents, leading to the challenge of handling multiple tasks simultaneously. Owners may have to manage marketing, finance, and management before being able to recruit staff. Developing the ability to focus on several tasks at once can provide insights into various aspects of running a business.

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4. Identifying Market and Marketing Targets

Success in a new business is determined by the market and marketing targets. No matter how good the business, if the market and potential customers do not accept it, the business will fail. Market research is a critical and challenging factor in starting a business.

5. Insight and Knowledge

Having the right insight, knowledge, and skills is a business startup challenge faced by everyone. One doesn’t need multiple degrees to start a business, but specific skills and insights related to business management must be mastered. Learning can be achieved through classes, self-study using various media, or learning from experienced individuals.

6. Managing Productivity and Efficiency

Opening a new business requires a balance between efficiency and the ability to be more productive, even with limited resources. This requires choosing innovative strategies and even thinking out of the box to achieve monthly business targets.

7. Achieving the First (and Subsequent) Profits

Attaining the first profit and maintaining that position is always a challenge for new businesses. In the initial weeks or even months, new entrepreneurs might focus on making a profit to recover the initial investment. Consistency in strategy, marketing, and business management is crucial for sustained success.

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