What is Business Model Canvas (BMC): Elements and Examples

Apa Itu Business Model Canvas?

In developing a business, having a comprehensive understanding of the business model to be implemented is crucial. One tool commonly used for planning and analyzing business models is the Business Model Canvas (BMC). What exactly is BMC, what is its function, and how can it be applied in designing a successful business?

What is Business Model Canvas?

The Business Model Canvas is a tool used to design and clearly visualize the business model of a company. Developed by Alexander Osterwalder, this tool presents nine key elements that assist business owners in designing, evaluating, and modifying their business plans.

Functions of Business Model Canvas

BMC helps entrepreneurs and business professionals gain a more thorough understanding of how a business operates. This tool facilitates the design of business models in a structured and comprehensive manner. By visualizing crucial elements such as revenue, customer relationships, and key resources, BMC aids in identifying opportunities and reducing risks in running a business.

9 Elements of Business Model Canvas to Consider

  • Customer Segments: Identifying target markets or potential customer groups.
  • Value Proposition: Offering unique products or services to meet customer needs.
  • Channels: Methods of delivering products or services to customers.
  • Customer Relationships: Types of relationships formed with customers.
  • Revenue Streams: Main sources of revenue from offered products or services.
  • Key Resources: Essential aspects needed to run the business.
  • Key Activities: Primary activities performed to provide value to customers.
  • Key Partnerships: Strategic alliances supporting business operations.
  • Cost Structure: Detailed costs required to run business operations.

Examples of Applying Business Model Canvas

For instance, consider a technology startup offering a food delivery application. With BMC, they can identify market segments (restaurants and individual customers), describe the value they offer (fast delivery, a variety of restaurant choices), determine distribution channels (through the mobile app), and evaluate key resources (couriers, technology).

Tips and How to Create a Business Model Canvas

  • Start with a Clear Business Idea: Define the business idea or concept clearly.
  • Understand Each Element in Depth: Master the details of each BMC element.
  • Collaborate and Evaluate: Involve the team in discussions and periodically evaluate the BMC.


Business Model Canvas is a highly useful tool in designing a robust and efficient business model. By providing a comprehensive view of every aspect of the business, BMC helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of a business model, enabling better decision-making towards success. By understanding each element in BMC, business owners can plan, manage, and develop their businesses more effectively.