Biography of Nadiem Makarim – Founder of Gojek, one of Indonesia’s Unicorns

Kisah inspiratif pengusaha sukses Indonesia: Nadiem Makarim

Indonesia is a country rich in inspirational figures. One such figure who not only innovates in the business world but is also an inspiration to many is Nadiem Makarim. This article will discuss Nadiem Makarim’s life, career, and contribution in building Indonesia.

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Biography of Nadiem Makarim

By utilizing the sophistication of mobile technology, GO-JEK has successfully revolutionized the Ojek transportation industry. GO-JEK offers various features such as delivery of goods, food delivery, shopping and traveling in the middle of traffic.

The idea all started with Nadiem Makarim. Very little information is obtained by regarding Nadiem Makarim’s childhood profile.

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From various sources obtained, Gojek Founder Nadiem Makarim was born in Singapore, July 4, 1984. He has a father named Nono Anwar Makarim from Pekalongan who works as a lawyer and a mother named Atika Algadrie from Pasuruan who works in the non-profit sector. Nadiem Makarim has two sisters.

Nadiem Makarim’s wife is named Franka Franklin, they got married in 2014. From this marriage, Nadiem Makarim has a child named Solara Franklin Makarim.

It is known that Nadiem Makarim began attending elementary school in Jakarta, then he graduated from high school in Singapore, from Singapore he then continued his education in the International Relations department at Brown University, United States.

Harvard University graduate

And for a year Nadiem Makarim participated in a foreign exchange program at the London School of Economics. He also continued his studies at Harvard Business School, Harvard University and graduated with an MBA (Master Business Of Administration).

Nadiem Makarim is known to have worked at a well-known consulting firm Mckinsey & Company in Jakarta and spent three years working there. It is also known that he worked as Co-founder and Managing Editor at Zalora Indonesia and then became the Chief Innovation officer of kartuku.

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Resign from Zalora and Found Gojek

Armed with a lot of experience while working, Nadiem Makarim then ventured to quit his job and founded the GO-JEK company in 2011.

…I don’t feel at home working in someone else’s company, I want to control my own destiny – Nadiem Makarim

That simple reason made Nadiem Makarim try to start his own company, which later became known as GO-JEK, armed with work experience and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Gojek Business Idea

The idea of GO-JEK transportation business itself came from Nadiem’s thoughts when he discussed with his regular ojek driver. Nadiem Makarim rarely uses a car because of his high mobility, he more often uses motorcycle taxi services.

From his conversations with ojek drivers, he found that most ojek drivers spend their time just waiting for customers and find it difficult to find customers.

On the other hand, Jakarta’s traffic congestion is getting worse, so a fast transportation and fast delivery service is needed to help Jakarta residents.

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The Beginning of Gojek

Then in 2011, GO-JEK as a company was officially founded by Nadiem Makarim who later served as CEO of GO-JEK. At the beginning of Gojek, Nadiem had 20 gojek drivers. And the system offered is via telephone call center. Where customers contact the call center directly to get the nearest driver.

At that time, the number of gojek employees was still very limited and the drivers were also still very limited. However, Nadiem Makarim’s belief in his company allowed Gojek to survive and advance rapidly in the following years.

Capital Injections from Large Companies

Go-jek service offers convenience and speed by working with Ojek drivers under the GO-JEK company.

Nadiem Makarim’s Go-jek service offers food and goods delivery, transportation, and shopping services. GO-JEK grew after receiving an injection of funds from Singapore-based investment company Northstar Group in 2014.

The positive development of the company made the motorcycle taxi company owned by Nadiem Makarim also received an injection of funds in the same year from two companies, namely Redmart Limited and Zimplistic Pte Ltd.

Nadiem Makarim’s Biography: Gojek Booming in 2015

GO-JEK became even more famous in 2015 when it released its mobile app, attracting more and more new customers to use its services. Nadiem Makarim himself really utilizes technological developments to make it easier for customers to use his GO-JEK services.

GO-JEK customers can use the app on their smartphones to order GO-JEK services, and fares are based on mileage and payment can be made using credit (my wallet).

Nadiem Makarim initially founded the GO-JEK company, he only supervised 20 motorcycle taxi drivers, but now he has more than 300 thousand motorcycle taxi drivers spread across various regions in Indonesia under his company.

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Gojek: The Number One Transportation Technology Company in Indonesia

He made all the innovations so that his business was then widely covered by the media as a company that revolutionized ojek transportation.

Thanks to the hard work of Nadiem Makarim, the founder of gojek and its employees and drivers, Gojek is now one of the number one transportation service technology companies in Indonesia. The Gojek company now serves more than 50 cities in Indonesia and has more than 300 thousand drivers spread across Indonesia.

The capitalization value of the gojek company has now reached more than 53 trillion rupiah. this makes the Gojek company one of the unicorn companies or startups with a valuation of more than 1 billion dollars.

That is the information about the biography of Nadiem Makarim, the founder of GO-JEK and the story of the founding of the GO-JEK company.

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