Biography of Wishnutama, an Inspirational Figure and Founder of NET TV Striving to Transform the Face of National Television

Many consider Wishnutama an inspirational figure working to transform the television industry. However, did you know that Tama doesn’t like watching TV?

Wishnutama Kusubandio is one of the figures inspiring the younger millennial generation. At the relatively young age of 49, Wishnutama has achieved significant milestones. His hard work led him to the position of President Director of Trans TV in his 30s. Additionally, Wishnutama is well-known as one of the founders of NET TV.

With his outstanding reputation and numerous achievements, it’s no wonder many people are curious about Wishnutama’s biography. Furthermore, Wishnutama’s life journey provides valuable lessons.

Born in Jayapura on May 4, 1970, Wishnutama gained recognition through his hard work and creativity, not relying on the prominence of his family name or parents.

Educational Background of Wishnutama

Although born in Jayapura, Wishnutama pursued his education outside of Papua. During his teenage years, he attended SMP Tarakanita 5 Jakarta. From Jakarta, Wishnutama continued his education at Kooralbyn International School in Queensland, Australia, and International School Singapore.

After graduating from high school, Wishnutama furthered his education at Norwich University on a scholarship. Here, he received military-style leadership education because he identified as a military enthusiast with a desire to become a soldier.

Graduating from Norwich University in 1992, Tama, as he is affectionately called, decided to return to university. Notably, he pursued education at two campuses in Boston simultaneously, majoring in communication at Emerson College and liberal arts at Mount Ida College.

At Emerson College, he also underwent TV production training. With this training, Tama could apply his knowledge directly when working as a production assistant at New England Cable News. Additionally, Tama gained experience as an on-air promotion assistant director at WDHD TC Boston.

Wishnutama’s Career Journey in the Indonesian Television Industry

In an interview, Tama once revealed that he is not a fan of watching TV. He even considered the programs frequently aired by Indonesian TV stations uninteresting. Therefore, Tama had a strong desire to change the face of the Indonesian television industry to make it more attractive.

Tama’s career in the Indonesian TV industry began in 1994 when he joined Indosiar. His first position at Indosiar was as an on-air promo supervisor. Tama’s career at Indosiar progressed along with the popularity of the programs he handled. This was evident in his promotion to production manager during his 7 years at Indosiar. Some of the programs Tama created at Indosiar include Patroli, Satu Jam Bersama, Gebyar BCA, and Saksi.

After succeeding at Indosiar, in 2001 Tama moved to Trans TV and assumed the position of head of production and facilities. At Trans TV, Tama truly showcased his excellence in creating engaging TV programs. As proof of his success, Tama was appointed as the President Director of Trans TV from 2008 to 2012. Some of the hit programs he introduced at Trans TV include Termehek-mehek, Bukan Empat Mata, Extravaganza, Dunia Lain, and Opera van Java.

Establishing NET TV to Transform the Face of Indonesian Television

Despite achieving great success in leading a national TV station, Tama was not content. He did not want to rest on his laurels. Moreover, his strong desire to transform the face of the TV industry in Indonesia remained. To realize this ambition, Tama, along with entrepreneur Agus Lasmono (Indika Group), acquired Spacetoon TV and transformed it into NET TV on May 18, 2013.

The name NET TV stands for News and Entertainment Television. Through NET TV, Tama had the freedom to present educational and entertaining programs to the Indonesian public. Tama held the position of President Director at NET TV from 2013 to 2019 and currently serves as the President Commissioner of NET TV.

His extensive journey in the Indonesian TV industry has earned Wishnutama a wealth of reputation. Tama was once recognized as the Best CEO in Indonesia in 2010 and Indonesia Youngster Inc by SWA magazine. Additionally, Richtopedia placed Tama among The 500 Most Influential CEOs in The World in 2015. Rumah Zakat Indonesia also awarded Tama the Empowerment Figure of 2018.

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