Biography of Hotman Paris, Lawyer with a Fee of IDR1.3 Billion

Who doesn’t know Hotman Paris—one of the lawyers charging IDR 1.3 billion per case. However, did you know that Hotman was once paid only IDR 182 thousand?

When asked about the most famous lawyer in Indonesia, most people would likely respond with one name: Hotman Paris Hutapea. Born in Laguboti, North Sumatra, he has gained a reputation as one of the renowned lawyers in the country. Not just anyone can afford his services, especially considering Hotman Paris sets a fantastic fee, reaching IDR 1.3 billion for each case he handles.

The high fee charged by Hotman Paris is indeed commensurate with his capabilities. Most of his clients are large corporations, given that Hotman Paris specializes in international business law. In a mining company case, he even earned an honorarium of up to IDR 160 billion. Additionally, this eccentric figure often appears alongside legal cases involving local celebrities.

With his fantastic fee structure, it’s no wonder Hotman Paris has amassed significant wealth. His luxurious lifestyle attests to this. Reportedly, Hotman’s net worth is around IDR 4.5 trillion. In his latest tax declaration, he revealed paying taxes amounting to IDR 30 billion during the government’s tax amnesty policy.

Disciplined Upbringing Since Childhood

Hotman’s success and renown did not come overnight. His achievements are the result of hard work and a disciplined upbringing from both parents. Various ups and downs colored Hotman Paris’s life and career journey, serving as inspiration for young people aiming for similar success.

Hotman has eight siblings and comes from a wealthy business family in North Sumatra. His father was a well-known bus entrepreneur in Medan. Through their father’s business, Hotman and his siblings were able to receive a higher education, graduating from reputable universities in Indonesia.

In Hotman’s family upbringing, education played a crucial role in achieving success. Therefore, Hotman’s parents encouraged their children to be disciplined in their studies. Additionally, they provided nutritious meals, ensuring that Hotman and his siblings grew up healthy and intelligent.

Hotman Paris, Aspiring to Study at ITB and Become an Architect

Currently, being a lawyer is Hotman’s main source of income. However, surprisingly, Hotman had no aspirations of becoming a lawyer during his teenage years. In fact, he considered law school students as misfits. He initially dreamed of becoming an architect or a doctor.

To pursue his dreams, Hotman took the entrance exam for the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Unfortunately, he did not pass the entrance exam. Eventually, Hotman chose to study at the Law Faculty of Parahyangan University in Bandung. Despite considering law school as a last resort, Hotman managed to complete his education in just 3.5 years.

Hotman Paris’s Career in the Legal World, Once Paid IDR 182 Thousand per Month

Hotman once stated that a lawyer’s career can be brilliant when starting in a law firm owned by a famous lawyer. This statement is based on Hotman’s own experience. After graduating from Parahyangan University, Hotman got a job at the OC Kaligis Law Office, known for handling high-profile cases.

While gaining valuable experience at this law firm, Hotman’s salary was surprisingly low, only IDR 182 thousand per month. For his daily commute, Hotman opted to use public transportation. Shortly after, he moved to the Nasution Lubis Hadiputranto law firm owned by the late Adnan Buyung Nasution.

Hotman’s career continued to advance as he worked in several prestigious law firms, including Makarim & Taira S and the Australian law firm Freehill, Hollingdale & Page. In 1998, Hotman chose to work independently, and in 1999, Hotman Paris Hutapea & Partners was established.

Through his law firm, Hotman has handled significant cases for well-known companies. Some of the companies that have been Hotman’s clients include Mayora Indah and Asian Pulp & Paper (APP).

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