What is PSE Kominfo: Definition and Registration Requirements

pse adalah

PSE, or Electronic System Organizer, is a program regulated by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics. What exactly is PSE Kominfo, its objectives, who is required to register, registration categories, requirements, and the registration process? Explore the comprehensive explanation below.

pse adalah

What is PSE Kominfo?

PSE Kominfo is a program aimed at regulating the presence of electronic systems organizers in Indonesia. This includes various entities such as online platforms, short message services, applications, and other electronic systems operating in the digital realm.

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Objectives of PSE

The main objectives of PSE are:

  • Regulation and Supervision: Ensuring that every electronic system organizer operates in accordance with applicable regulations and meets established standards.
  • User Protection: Guaranteeing the security and privacy of users when interacting with various digital services.
  • Promoting Innovation: Providing a clear foundation for the development of technology and innovation in the digital realm.

Who is Required to Register for PSE?

Entities required to register as electronic systems organizers include:

  • Online Platforms: For example, e-commerce platforms, social media, streaming services, and other platforms facilitating digital interactions.
  • Applications: Various mobile or web applications used by users.
  • Short Message Services: Short message delivery services operating in the digital environment.

Categories of PSE Registrants

The Ministry of Communication and Informatics categorizes PSE registrants into several categories, including:

  • Over The Top (OTT) Providers: Digital platforms that offer services over the internet without operating their own network infrastructure.
  • Application Providers: Developers of applications operating on various digital devices.
  • Telecommunication Service Providers: Entities providing digital communication services.

PSE Registration Requirements

Some common requirements for PSE registration include:

  • Company Identity and Documents: Covering company information, address, founding documents, and others.
  • Activity Reports: Plans or reports on the electronic system organizer’s activities to be conducted.

How to Register for PSE Kominfo

  1. Prepare Documents: Gather required documents such as establishment deeds, company documents, and other requested papers.
  2. Access Registration Portal: Visit the official portal provided by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics for PSE registration.
  3. Fill out Registration Form: Complete the registration form with accurate information as per the specified requirements.
  4. Submit Documents: Upload the requested documents on the registration system.
  5. Review and Verification: A designated team will review and verify the submitted information and documents.

Understanding PSE Kominfo enables electronic system organizers to operate in compliance with regulations and provide better protection to users. Always follow the registration procedures set by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics for the smooth and secure operation of digital activities.

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