What are the Risks of Choosing the Wrong Virtual Office Provider?

For entrepreneurs embarking on a business venture, the presence of an office is crucial. It serves the purpose of conducting operational activities, enhancing the company’s image, and gaining trust from consumers or clients. However, the escalating rental prices for office buildings in major cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali pose a challenging dilemma for new business owners.

Many opt for Virtual Office services to achieve cost-effective work efficiency. A Virtual Office is a virtual workspace where you do not rent a physical office but only maintain a registered business address.

However, there are several dangers if you make a wrong choice in selecting a Virtual Office provider. What are these risks, and how can they be mitigated? The following overview might help you.

1. Unclear Address and Location of Virtual Office

Selecting a less prestigious and hard-to-find location for a Virtual Office, often situated in shophouses, can lead to a negative business reputation in the eyes of clients and consumers. This is because the Virtual Office’s location may be challenging to locate for meetings, and the company’s image may suffer due to being situated in a shophouse.

To overcome this, choose a Virtual Office location with a prestigious and strategic address, preferably in office buildings. Inquire with the Virtual Office provider whether their address is in a prestigious location within office buildings rather than a hard-to-find address in a shophouse.

2. Providing Only an Address Without Other Business Services

Based on data from Stanford University, multitasking can lead to a 40% reduction in productivity. Therefore, selecting a Virtual Office provider that only offers an address can create difficulties in managing other business aspects, hindering productivity. Choose a Virtual Office provider that offers additional business support services, such as establishing a PT (limited liability company), CV (commanditaire vennootschap), or tax consultation. This ensures business development without disruptions from other business management issues.

3. Inexperienced Virtual Office Providers

Ignoring the experience of a Virtual Office provider can be detrimental to your business, leading to poor service and potential business disappearance if the Virtual Office service provider faces bankruptcy. It is crucial to ensure that the Virtual Office provider is a reputable and trustworthy company that has stood the test of time. Additionally, choose a Virtual Office supported by PERJAKBI (Association of Shared Office Entrepreneurs in Indonesia) for peace of mind in running your business.

4. Watch Out for Hidden Costs

Many Virtual Office service providers advertise very low prices, but when you use the facilities, additional expenses may arise. For example, a free fax number offer might result in charges per received page, or meeting room availability may have hourly rates higher than initially presented.

Carefully compare the services provided by Virtual Office providers while aligning with the costs to ensure transparency. Inquire with your chosen Virtual Office provider whether the published prices are transparent.

5. Virtual Office Without PKP (Taxable Entrepreneur)

If you choose a Virtual Office provider that is not registered as a Taxable Entrepreneur (PKP), you won’t be able to apply for PKP status. This could lead to missed opportunities, such as participating in projects from large institutions and the government. Even if you don’t currently need PKP, it’s advisable to choose a Virtual Office provider that is PKP registered, as it will positively impact your business. This way, when you do need PKP, you won’t incur additional costs.

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