Complete Guide to Creating an Online PT, Easy and Fast!

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Creating a PT (limited liability company) can now be done more conveniently through online services. Although it’s a phased process, creating a PT online is still considered easy and quick—taking approximately 10 minutes of your time.

This is made possible by the availability of the General Legal Administration (AHU) online service launched by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) to support the process of reserving company names and establishing companies.

Here are the steps and procedures for creating a PT online:

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Preparation for Establishing PT

Several points need attention when preparing to establish a PT, including:

1. Naming of PT

  • Rules regarding the naming of PT are outlined in Government Regulation No. 43 of 2011 on Procedures for Submitting and Using the Name of Limited Liability Companies. The PT name must consist of at least three syllables, should not use a name already used by another PT, and should not use foreign terms.

2. Location and Domicile of PT

  • The location and domicile of PT refer to the address and legal domicile of the PT. If you register the domicile of PT in Central Jakarta, the PT’s address must also be in Central Jakarta.

3. Purpose and Objectives of PT

  • This explains the activities carried out by PT and is stated in Article 3 of the PT Establishment Deed. Some important notes regarding the purpose and objectives of PT include:
    • Ensure you do not choose a business field prohibited by regulations.
    • The business field must be explicitly stated in the PT establishment deed.
    • The business field must have the appropriate business license.

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4. PT Capital Structure

  • According to Law No. 40 of 2007 concerning Limited Liability Companies, the basic capital to establish a PT is Rp50 million, with 25% of the basic capital to be placed.

5. PT Management

  • The management of a PT consists of Directors and Commissioners. If there is more than one Director, one of them must be appointed as the Chief Director. Similarly, for Commissioners. The Director is responsible for the daily operations of the company, while the Commissioner advises the Director.

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Creation of PT Deed

You can use the services of a Notary for the PT deed creation process. The Notary does not have to be located in the same place as the domicile of PT. Any Notary with a valid appointment, oath, and registration at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights is authorized to create the PT deed.

All founders of PT sign the PT establishment deed in the presence of a Notary. However, if a party cannot be present, the signing can be delegated.

To avoid back and forth, prepare the necessary documents for the PT deed creation. These documents include statements about the use of the PT name, complete address and domicile of PT, capital deposit, and others.

Approval of PT

The created establishment deed is submitted by the notary to be approved as a legal entity by the Minister of Law and Human Rights. The Minister will issue a decree certifying PT as a legal entity. Once this stage is completed, PT officially becomes a recognized legal entity.

You can check whether PT is registered in the AHU system by visiting the official AHU website: Enter the PT name and follow the simple steps. The system will display the search results on the screen.

Creation of NPWP (Tax Identification Number)

As a commitment and consequence of its legal entity status, PT must fulfill tax obligations. PT will have two documents related to its tax obligations: Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) and Tax Registered Certificate (SKT Pajak). Some PTs may also obtain the Taxable Entrepreneur (PKP) document.

Management of NIB in OSS RSA

After completing the process of creating PT online, it is time to manage the Business Identification Number (NIB) issued through the OSS system to carry out the expected business activities. Online Single Submission (OSS) is an electronically integrated business licensing system issued by the OSS institution on behalf of ministers, institution leaders, regents/mayors.

Now, that’s how you create a PT online. With the ease of technology, various administrative tasks become more practical and straightforward.

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