5 Types of Office Colleagues You Should Know

Welcome to the real world. The working world. This phrase must have been heard often when you started entering the workforce. Just graduated from college, and our ears are already accustomed to the harshness of the working world. Well, that’s the reality. Like it or not, willingly or not, indeed the working world is the real world. You will encounter various types of people. Some pleasant, and some annoying. It might not just be your boss who’s annoying, but also your colleagues.

Now, one of the supporters of our diligent work and going to the office is the environment. If the work environment is friendly, we’ll feel comfortable, but if, on average, office friends can’t collaborate and are envious of whatever we do, believe me, we’ll want to write a resignation letter all the time. Check out these types of office friends. Do you have any colleagues whose types are like the ones below?

1. The Face Seeker

This type is always present in every office. The Face Seeker will always be in the front row whenever our boss instructs something. And, they always agree with the boss’s orders without first assessing how heavy the task is and whether it can be done or not. In essence, the Face Seeker always wants to be seen by the boss and really wants to be the golden child. Usually, they are always vocally ‘pretentious’ in every meeting, even though their words have no substance at all.

Do you have someone like this in your office?

2. The Copycat

Well, this type is actually good but annoying because they will imitate your every style from head to toe. This Copycat can be considered a ‘hidden fan.’ Because they will observe and imitate your dressing style or that of other colleagues, then a few days later, they can wear the same items and imitate your dressing style. From clothes, pants, shoes, bags to perfume. It’s better if only the brand is the same, but this one is 100% identical, from model to color!

You have to be extra patient. Because their actions don’t violate company rules, but they will surely make you very annoyed. To deal with a colleague like this, it’s best to gently point it out.

3. Two-faced Person

In addition to the Face Seeker, there’s also the Two-faced type. If you have an office friend like this, you should be careful. Because they can be extremely nice and praise the boss even though they actually hate it. People like this type often talk about the shortcomings of the boss or other colleagues to people around them. That’s why they are often called two-faced.

This two-faced person is indeed dangerous. They could be your friend at one point and an enemy, stabbing you in the back at another time. Anyway, if you meet someone like this, it’s better to avoid them and not get too close. Don’t share private matters, especially if you are annoyed with the boss. Keep it to yourself.

4. The Helper

Wow, this type is often an ideal if you enter an office or company. As a newcomer, we will certainly need help, both in terms of work and making friends. The Helper will promptly introduce you to other colleagues and is also not hesitant to offer help in informing you of your job description. They are always ready to help every time you ask or encounter difficulties.

5. The Borrower

Oh, if you find a friend of this type in the office, you might want to keep your distance. Annoyed if they like to borrow but always forget to return and when reminded, they have a lot of excuses. This type is more or less present in almost every office. It’s better if you don’t lend money to this type of person, especially if they are individuals who are not brave enough to ask for the debt back.

Now, out of these five types, which one do you belong to? Try asking your office friends.

Source: hipwee.com