5 Reasons to Do Business in BSD City

JAKARTA, vOFFICE – Alongside the rapid development of Jakarta, this progress has also influenced the growth in areas outside Jakarta’s golden triangle or beyond Jakarta itself. Many companies have chosen locations outside the central business district (CBD) or on the outskirts of Jakarta to expand their businesses, such as the TB Simatupang area (check offices in TB Simatupang), Rawamangun area (check Rawamangun regional offices), and in the South Tangerang area, such as the BSD City.

How Appealing is South Tangerang, BSD City?

Large companies such as Unilever, Gramedia, and Sinarmas have relocated their headquarters to the BSD City area. Even Apple has opened its first research and development center in Indonesia, located in BSD City. Here are 5 reasons why large companies and entrepreneurs decide to move their business locations to BSD City: (check offices in BSD City)

1. Easy Accessibility

BSD City’s location is considered strategic because it is close to the city center and the Jakarta government. Connected toll roads to various city centers and wide roads help facilitate traffic flow. BSD City is also near the airport and towards the western end of Java. Choosing a company location with various alternative access points and affordable prices makes BSD City a positive attraction for professionals, as they can easily access BSD or leave the BSD area.

2. Supportive Transportation Infrastructure

The advantage of accessibility is complemented by good infrastructure quality. The presence of a park and ride system provides integrated parking facilities with activity centers, as well as Transit Oriented Development (TOD) systems. TOD includes the construction and development of terminals or inter-transportation stations in activity centers, such as road rail transport stations, road mass transit shelters, and road public transportation terminals integrated with the surrounding land development. The presence of the Commuter Line is an example of the implementation of TOD.

3. Abundance of Green Open Spaces

It is undeniable that green open spaces for the public are available in many locations in BSD City. Urban parks, such as Taman Kota 1 and 2 in the BSD area or parks in shopping centers such as around Bintaro Xchange, make the atmosphere cooler. The presence of green open spaces can be beneficial for companies and is an attraction for moving to the BSD City area. With green open spaces, pollution will decrease, and this condition will provide positive benefits for the quality of life for employees, as stress levels will be reduced.

4. State-of-the-Art Technology Services and Fast Internet Networks

The presence of many internet and telecommunications provider companies near the office rental location is crucial to support internet movement in a company. This is good for facilitating company owners if they encounter issues with the internet service providers they use. This is what BSD City aims to offer. Providing office centers with fast and up-to-date internet networks, as these internet and telecommunication provider companies located in BSD City strive to provide excellent facilities for their customers. From this perspective, technology-savvy professionals will undoubtedly benefit.

5. Abundance of Entertainment Venues

Simple cafes, neatly themed parks, can boost the spirit for work. The combination of entertainment venues and lifestyle can be found in cafes inside malls such as AEON Mall and Living World Mall, which can be used as locations for lunch meetings with clients or simply entertainment for employees. Having a company located near entertainment centers will undoubtedly provide a prestigious image. This is where the BSD City area has enjoyable advantages for professionals.