17 Food Business Ideas & Unlimited Potential

17 Ide Bisnis Makanan Terkini & Potensi Tanpa Batas

In the ever-evolving culinary world, running a food business can be an appealing opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to start their own venture. With relatively small capital and unlimited growth potential, here are 17 current food business ideas worth considering:

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Snack Food Business

Here is a summary of interesting snack food business ideas:

1. Banana Nuggets

Bananas coated in egg batter and breadcrumbs, then fried, offer a sweet and savory touch that many people love. You can enhance their appeal with various sauces such as cheese, matcha, taro, and chocolate.

2. Dessert Box

A dessert box combines cake and cream with various flavors, creating a soft and enticing experience for sweet food lovers.

3. Baso Aci

Baso aci, an Indonesian specialty, offers a more affordable alternative with tapioca flour as the main ingredient. You can sell it ready-to-eat or as frozen food.

4. Seblak

This spicy and savory West Java specialty has gained popularity across Indonesia. You can add various toppings to enhance its appeal.

5. Ramen

This Japanese and Chinese noodle soup has become a favorite in Indonesia. A ramen business offers various noodle options that can be customized to suit customers’ tastes.

6. Dimsum

This trendy and delicious food has been very popular in recent years. You can start a dimsum business by serving it fresh or as frozen food.

7. Crepes with Interesting Toppings

Open a crepes stall with various creative toppings such as fresh fruits, melted chocolate, or premium ice cream.

8. Corndog

A fast food consisting of a sausage on a stick, coated in cornmeal batter. Corndogs are typically served with various sauces like ketchup, mustard, or cheese sauce.

9. Milk Bun

Known as Roti Susu, this global food trend is currently popular. These buns are famous for their soft texture and delicious taste.

10. Sate Taichan

A modern culinary venture that’s on the rise, sate taichan differs from conventional satay, which is usually served with peanut sauce. Sate taichan is served with a squeeze of lime, a bit of salt, and spicy sambal as a complement.

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Main Course Food Business

Let’s explore some interesting main course food business ideas for those interested. Here is a summary of attractive main course food business ideas:

1. Catering Service

Offer catering services for special events or offices looking to provide high-quality food for their employees.

2. Traditional Regional Food with Modern Innovation

Present traditional regional dishes with innovative touches, such as Padang satay with special sauce or fried rice with a secret recipe.

3. Chicken Noodle Stall

A chicken noodle stall offers chicken noodles as the main menu, typically served with pieces of chicken, wontons, mustard greens, and delicious thick broth.

4. Fried Rice Shop

A fried rice shop serves fried rice as the main menu, which can be customized with various additional options like fried eggs, fried chicken, shrimp, or beef.

5. Diet Catering

Diet catering is a current choice for those looking to live healthier. This service allows customers to enjoy nutritionally balanced meals without counting calories.

6. Rice Bowl

Rice bowls are a very practical and affordable meal option, especially for office workers and young people often seeking quick and economical food choices.


All You Can Eat (AYCE) BBQ food businesses are popular, where customers can enjoy unlimited meat within 90 minutes. Alternatively, you could open a BBQ business without the AYCE concept, where customers can choose their meat menu as they wish, without time constraints, and at a lower cost.
With courage, creativity, and perseverance, the above food business ideas can become promising opportunities for anyone looking to enter the food business world. Remember to conduct thorough market research, plan carefully, and provide excellent service to customers to achieve success in your food business.

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