Example of Virtual Office

Virtual office is a service commonly chosen by entrepreneurs to have an office with a strategic address but at a relatively low rental cost. Users of virtual office services typically do not need a physical office building as they can work from anywhere. Providers of virtual office services offer various room packages that can be selected according to the renter’s needs.

The increasing cost of land rental in big cities like Jakarta also contributes to the growth of virtual offices, aiming to reduce the physical use of office space and thereby increase cost efficiency (cost reduction). Therefore, a virtual office is crucial for business people who choose to work from home and conduct their business transactions through the internet or phone but still require a credible address and a representative location to meet their clients.

Well-known virtual offices are usually equipped with various facilities similar to professional office rentals. The concept of a virtual office provides a solution by offering a company address in a specific location, mainly located in the business center of a city, with all the necessary facilities similar to a traditional office. Additionally, it provides communication services (24 hours). There are adequate meeting rooms without the worry of additional costs for overtime and the high maintenance costs of the office during the rental or ownership period.

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virtual office voffice

Example of Virtual Office Design with Photos/Images

Jakarta Virtual Office (vOffice, Centennial Tower) Provides various facilities such as meeting rooms, internet access, lounge, printing, copier, etc.

In addition to providing a prestigious and credible business address, vOffice also offers professional receptionists, special telephone and fax numbers with personal operators and greetings according to the renter’s company name. Incoming calls from clients can be directly forwarded to the renter’s mobile or personal number. Moreover, there are services for receiving and managing incoming mail and packages specifically for each company name of the renter.

The existence of virtual offices in this increasingly advanced era greatly assists businesses run by various communities. In addition to being cost-effective, their use is highly beneficial.

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