5 Advantages of Rawamangun as a Potential Office Area in East Jakarta

JAKARTA, vOFFICE.co.id – With the development of Jakarta, the choice of business location is no longer limited to the golden triangle office areas. According to JLL Indonesia’s research in 2015, the absorption of office space in non-CBD areas exceeded 120,000 square meters, and 76 percent of office space in non-CBD areas, including East Jakarta, was occupied.

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One of the increasingly popular and highly occupied areas in East Jakarta is Rawamangun, with an occupancy rate of 90 percent. Rawamangun is known for its dense population and dynamic economic activities. Here are the benefits for entrepreneurs choosing Rawamangun as a business location: 1. Proximity to Office Buildings and Government Centers

  • For those considering Rawamangun for business, numerous industrial centers have already been established in the area. Rawamangun is surrounded by office buildings such as Graha MIR, vOffice East, and Pulomas Office Park. The location is also surrounded by several government offices, including BKPM, the Ministry of Transportation, Customs, and LAPAN (National Institute of Aeronautics and Space), making coordination with local industries and government easier when needed.

2. Strategic Location and Easy Access to Public Transportation

  • Rawamangun is easily accessible with terminal access and public transportation services. Public vehicles like Trans Jakarta buses and DAMRI buses are readily available in this part of East Jakarta. Rawamangun is also strategically located for those traveling to Central Jakarta, such as Menteng or Senen, and South Jakarta, such as Kuningan or Gatot Subroto. This demonstrates that despite not being in the golden triangle office location in Jakarta, Rawamangun has shown potential as a good business location for the future.

3. Diverse and Affordable Accommodation and Entertainment Options

  • Shopping centers in the Rawamangun area, such as Plaza Arion, Green Pramuka, and Mall Kelapa Gading, offer various entertainment options. For out-of-town business partners visiting your office in Rawamangun, suggesting hotels like MaxOne and The Green Pramuka City is easy. These hotels, despite being affordable, provide high-class service and accommodation in the Rawamangun area.

4. Well-Known Sports Facilities

  • According to research from the University of Otago, regular exercise can enhance productivity, keeping the body fit throughout the day. Choosing Rawamangun as a business location seems appropriate for those looking to boost work productivity. Rawamangun has a well-known stadium, Veldrome, which is open to the public for sports activities like walking, jogging, and other exercises.

5. Abundance of Culinary Offerings

  • For new entrepreneurs and culinary enthusiasts, choosing Rawamangun as a business location is ideal. Known for its delicious and affordable culinary options, the Jakarta City Government plans to develop Rawamangun as a culinary center in the future. This is beneficial for your business as you won’t have to worry about choosing a location for lunch meetings with clients; you can easily find a variety of dining options in the Rawamangun area.