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Indonesia DiD Number - An Internet delivered voice service that provides businesses with a virtual presence in any country.

GlobalTel — Purchase phone numbers from over 200 cities around the world and have it forwarded to your own Fixed Line or Mobile Phones 24/7.

Global Phone Number — You can purchase additional phone number from over 200 cities around the world and link it with your Call Answering service with vOffice. All calls to your Global Phone Number will be answered by your Receptionist according to your call answering instruction.

Professional Call Answering Service - Let our receptionists handle all your calls professionally while you do what you do best... run your business.

Tele-Conference Service - Excellent sound quality conference call service for business in any sizes.



Premium Serviced Office - Need an instant office for a 1 to 8 pax, we have serviced office suite that meet your requirement.

Meeting and Conference Facilities- Perfect place to conduct your business meeting. Locations are available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines & Australia.

Professional Web Design Service - Taking care of your web needs from web hosting to web page design to online marketing.

Mail Forwarding Service - Skip the traffic, skip the waiting, save time, save petrol - Get us to forward your mails straight at your doorsteps.