YOU CAN NOW SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH vOffice Mail Forwarding Service.


vOffice Mail Forwarding Service

Skip the traffic, skip the waiting, save time, save petrol - vOffice can forward your mails to you on weekly basis or on-demand basis. We will consolidate all your mails received for the week and forward them to you via TIKindo every Thursday. You can expect to receive all your mails the next day for all destination within DKI Jakarta.


How vOffice Mail Forwarding Service works?

You can request your mails to be forwarded to you when you need it by informing us via email or via MyvOffice. Otherwise, You can place a standing instruction so that our team will know what to do with your mails each time we receive it.

Common Standing Instruction we get:

a) Forward all my mails to me as soon as you receive them
b) Forward all my mails at the end of each week
c) Forward all my mails every 2 weeks.

How to proceed?

We only require a IDR 200.000 refundable pre-payment for all local destination or IDR 500.000 if your mails to be forwarded to an address outside of Indonesia. Unused portion of this pre-payment will be returned to you when terminate your account with us. You may view all mail forwarding records and charges in your MyvOffice.



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Mail Forwarding Service - Skip the traffic, skip the waiting, save time, save petrol - Get us to forward your mails straight at your doorsteps.