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  • Virtual Office
    • Berapa lama waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk mendapatkan email aktivasi ?

      Akun yang sudah lunas dibayar akan diaktifkan dalam 24 jam.

    • Apakah saya perlu melakukan pembayaran di muka atau bisakah saya membayar bulanan ?

      Anda harus melakukan pembayaran di muka untuk mengunci kontrak paket VO kami dan kami juga tidak meminta uang jaminan. Cicilan bulanan kami hanya tersedia untuk kartu kredit bank BCA dan Mandiri.

    • Apakah ada layanan penerusan surat yang ditawarkan dalam layanan virtual office ?

      Ada, kami dapat meneruskan surat dan paket di mana pun Anda berada. Seluruh biaya penerusan surat dan paket akan ditagihkan kepada klien.

    • Apakah kami bisa menggunakan virtual office dan menggunakan alamat surat-menyurat untuk mendaftarkan perusahaan kami di PMA ?

      Mohon maaf, untuk mendaftarkan perusahaan Anda di PMA, Anda harus menggunakan layanan Serviced Office kami. Karena untuk perusahaan asing di Indonesia, belum bisa didaftarkan menggunakan alamat virtual office.

    • Bisakah saya mendapatkan perjanjian sewa dalam layanan virtual office Anda ?

      Bisa, karena klien yang menggunakan layanan kami akan mendapatkan perjanjian sewa atau kontrak saat mendaftar untuk layanan-layanan di vOffice.

    • Apabila kuota gratis penggunaan ruang meeting / hot desking / kantor harian tidak digunakan, bisakah kuota tersebut diakumulasikan untuk bulan selanjutnya ?

      Sayangnya tidak, kuota yang tersisa tidak dapat diakumulasikan di bulan berikutnya.

    • Apakah saya harus memesan beberapa hari sebelumnya atau saya bisa menggunakan ruang di hari saya melakukan pemesanan ?

      Untuk fasilitas ruang meeting / hot desking / kantor harian kami, Anda harus memesan paling tidak 24 jam sebelumnya. Hal ini untuk memastikan ruangan yang Anda inginkan tidak dipesan oleh orang lain. Kami tidak dapat menjamin Anda akan mendapatkan ruangan jika Anda memesan on the spot, namun, jika ruangan yang diinginkan tersedia, Anda dapat menggunakannya.

    • Apakah saya akan dikenakan biaya untuk panggilan yang diteruskan ke nomor saya ?

      Untuk paket Virtual Office Platinum, Anda mendapatkan 70 menit penerusan panggilan ke nomor yang Anda daftarkan. Jika melebihi 70 menit, yang mana jarang terjadi, Anda akan dikenakan biaya sesuai dengan tarif di Indonesia.

    • Jika saya mendaftar untuk Virtual Office Platinum, bisakah panggilan masuk tidak diteruskan tapi hanya dicatat pesannya saja ?

      Kami bisa melakukannya atas permintaan Anda. Kami akan memberikan update melalui sistem kami. Namun, harga yang sama tetap berlaku untuk hal ini.

    • Apa itu nomor ekstra ?

      Nomor ekstra adalah nomor tambahan jika Anda ingin memiliki 2 nomor telepon khusus untuk perusahaan Anda. Harga bulanan yang berlaku mulai dari IDR 350.000 per bulan untuk setiap nomor ekstra.

    • Saya ingin menyewa ruang kantor tapi saya memiliki printer saya sendiri. Apakah saya bisa membawanya ke dalam kantor? Jika iya, apa saya harus membayar biaya tambahan?

      Anda dapat membawa printer Anda sendiri. Namun, biaya pemasangan tidak ditanggung vOffice. Biaya tambahan juga berlaku bergantung dari jenis printer yang Anda bawa.

    • Bisakah saya upgrade paket virtual office saya di kemudian hari ?

      Tentu saja, Anda dapat upgrade paket Anda di kemudian hari. Saldo Anda akan dikurangi sesuai dengan paket baru Anda.

    • Dokumen apa saja yang dibutuhkan untuk mendaftar layanan virtual office ?

      akta perusahaan, id, npwp

    • How much is the charges for outgoing fax?

      For the one time, you will be given 3 pages for free. The out going fax charges is : Outbound Fax to KL and Selangor - RM0.45 per page. Outbound Fax to other states within Malaysia - RM0.75 per page. Outbound Fax to International Destination - Only RM1.50 per page to all countries (promo rate)

    • If I subscribe to Plaza Mont Kiara, can I use the EMpire Tower office?

      Unfortunately no. This is to avoid the confusion as your account is based at Plaza Mont Kiara. However you can use other facilities such as meeting room / day office / hot desking.

    • Is there any additional charges after I make this payment?

      For most cases, NO. There is no hidden fee or whatsoever. There will only be extra charges should you purchase additional services such as mail forwarding, printing and etc.

    • How about the setup fee? Do I need to pay for it?

      No. The setup fee is currently waived

    • Can I register 2 companies under 1 account?

      No. 1 account is only for 1 company. However if you wish to subscribe another company we will give you the best price.

  • Company Incorporation For Foreigner
    • What are the advantages of registering a SDN BHD (Private Limited) company?
      1. Your liability is limited only to the amount of capital that the shareholders contribute into the Company.
      2. A Sdn Bhd’s shareholding is much more liquid, as compared to a Sole Proprietorship’s or Partnership’s. It is much easier to amend existing shareholding or add additional shares into the Company for new investors.
      3. A Sdn Bhd entity is deemed more established and are more likely to help your business’ credibility.
      4. A better transparency and accountability in terms of auditing and tracking the Company’s balance sheet.
      5. The business does not die with the founders, because the incorporation of a Sdn Bhd makes it a legal entity in itself.
      6. You can appoint non-Malaysian directors into the business venture.
    • What is SSM and CCM?

      SSM or Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia is the malay term of CCM or Companies Commission of Malaysia. They serve as a government agency to incorporate companies and register businesses as well as to provide company and business information to the public.

    • What do I need to submit in order to incorporated a company in Malaysia?

      We would just require you to fill up the registration form and submit the passports or ICs of the directors. There must be at least 2 directors as stated by the companies act of Malaysia.

    • How long will it take to incorporated a company under a SDN BHD setup?

      It will take 14 working days depending on the SSM’s portal and how long you will need in completing the documentation.

    • Can I still get my company incorporated in Malaysia even without my presence there?

      Yes, we can do the whole company incorporation process even if you are not able to come to Malaysia due to some reasons. You can just courier your original signed documents to us and get the forms be notarized by the Notary Public in your country. However, you would need to come to Malaysia on the opening of your bank account as this is usually a strict policy of banks here.

    • Can I already start doing business in Malaysia even if my company is still being processed for incorporation?

      Yes, with our Instant Office services, you can already start your business while waiting for your company to be incorporated. We will provide you with receptionists to answer your calls, a prestigious business address, meeting and workstation facilities for you to use and other services that you may need. Please call us at +603 2788 3555 to speak to our Solutions Consultant or you can also check out the plan page here.

    • How much is the standard authorized paid-up capital?

      The authorized capital would be a minimum of RM400,000.

    • How much should I pay if I want to increase mu authorized paid-up capital?

      Below is the newly updated schedule where you can see the government charges according to your company’s requirement for your authorized paid-up capital:

      Authorised paid up capital Registration Fee for SSM
      Up to 400,000 1,000
      400,001 - 500,000 3,000
      500,001 - 1,000,000 5,000
      1,000,001 - 5 MIL 8,000
      5,000,001 - 10 MIL 10,000
      10,000,001 - 25 MIL 20,000
      25,000,001 - 50 MIL 40,000
      50,000,001 - 100 MIL 50,000
      100 MIL and above 70,000
    • What is the difference between authorized paid-up capital and paid-up capital?

      Authorized paid up capital is the maximum amount of shares that a company is allowed to issue to its shareholders. This is indicated in the Memorandum of Association and is also known as the ceiling of the paid-up capital. Paid up capital, on one hand, is the physical funds that a company injects into their bank account for the business operations.

    • Why should I increase my paid-up capital?

      When you are applying or seeking for the following purposes. You would be required to increase your paid-up capital to a required amount of your application.

      • Bank loan
      • Project tender requirement
      • Business license
      • Corporate image
      • Work permit application
    • The directors are all foreigners. We do not have a local partner. Is this acceptable?

      Yes, we can register a 100% foreign owned company.

    • What is / are the best advantage(s) of having a local partner as a director?

      If your business will be into wholesale, retail, trading, import/export, consultancy, or food and beverage industry, you would be exempted of the required license of your company which is the WRT license if your local partner has at least 51% shareholding in the company.

    • What is a WRT license?

      Wholesale and Retail Trade (WRT) license is required by all companies that are in the wholesale, retail, trading, import/export and restaurant business which have foreign shareholding. The WRT license is required by all the said business sectors before they can apply for a professional work permit. This requires your company to have at least Rm1million paid-up capital.

    • Are you able to assist us in opening a bank account in Malaysia?

      Yes, we can provide you with a bank resolution certified by the Company Secretary. Bank officers would require to meet you personally in their premise upon your application of a new company account.

    • What are the procedures in incorporating a company?
      1. Company Name Search

        With meanings of the proposed company names. For example, AJU International Sdn Bhd - Azul, Jasmine, Urma - names of our son and daughters.

      2. Creating the documents
      3. Signing of documents

        The prepared documents will be emailed to you if you are in overseas. If you are in KL, this will be emailed and handed over to you in our office or you can choose to print the documents from your side to save time and petrol. The Form 48A must be stamped and signed by the Commissioner of Oath in Malaysia. If you are in overseas, you can get this particular form be notarized by the Notary Public in that country.

      4. Submit the original documents via courier or personally

        When your documents are all signed, we will then submit it for approval to SSM.

      5. Company Registration Number be informed
      6. Complete set of your Company Formation documents is ready for pick-up

        Memorandum of Associations booklets, Form 9, Other Company Certificates, Company Secretary’s Appointment, Rubber Stamp, and bank resolution will be provided.

      7. Open a Bank Account and Apply for licenses for your business operations

      Note: It is strongly advised that all directors must be present in front of the bank officer upon opening of the company bank account.

    • What are the statutory costs in maintaining a company in Malaysia?

      Other than the operational expenses required by your business, the other costs will be as follows:

      • Certified company secretarial fees of RM720/year (RM60/month) for the preparation & maintenance of your company statutory records.
      • Filing of annual return for submission of yearly financial information - RM500/year.
      • Auditing & Taxation preparation of your company account is required for the annual return submission mentioned above. Fee starts from RM2,000/year. The actual fee is depending on the volume of financial transactions of the company. For an average size company estimated RM3 to RM4,000/year.
      • Yearly financial accounts report is needed for auditing & taxation purposes. Our fee starts from Rm2,000.00/year.
    • How many types of business licenses can we apply?

      Business license depends on your nature of business. You are only required to take the business license that is appropriate for your nature of business. Give us further information on your nature of business so we can advise you what is needed for your company.

    • When I have already incorporated my company, am I able to stay in Malaysia and run my business?

      Having a company in Malaysia doesn’t mean that you can already stay here for long term. However, you can get a local manager to run your company. You can stay in Malaysia only on a social visit pass unless you apply for a work permit which allows you to stay for a maximum of 2 years and is renewable.

    • When my company is already fully incorporated, am I able tp buy a house or a property already?

      Yes, you are able to buy properties under the name of your company. However, it doesn't mean that you can already stay in Malaysia having this ownership. You would still be required to go through a work permit process or through an MM2H application in order to stay here for long term.

    • After company formation, can I already apply for a work visa?

      You will need to meet certain guidelines first. One of which is you are required to increase your paid-up capital to a certain amount required by the government depending on your nature of business. We would require your bank statement on this.

    • What are the guidelines in order for me to be eligible for a work permit?
      • Employer Company must be a Sdn Bhd.
      • Must provide details of the nature of business as in SSM Profile and provide more specific business details.
      • The Company should meet up the existing paid up and authorized capital requirement. (Minimum requirement in this case is RM500,0000 to RM1,000,000.
      • Details of shared ownership breakdown (Percentage shares of each - Bumiputra, Other Malaysians, Foreigners).
      • The Company Profile must be provided.
      • Must specify if are there any financial accounts and banking account transactions.
      • Must provide number of applications and their nationality.
      • Information is needed regarding the number of local employees in the company and what is the ratio of local & foreign work force.
      • Position applied and job description must be clearly presented.
      • Age should be at least 25 years old.
      • Salary should be at least RM5,000.
    • Do I have a limit in the number of work visa applications I am going to make for my company?

      You can apply for a work visa for as many staff as you can just as long as your company meets the eligibility requirements indicated above.

    • What if I decide not to continue with the incorporation. Will I get a refund?

      We can only give you the refund, provided that it is still on the documentation stage. Once the documents are signed and returned to us, there will be no more refund.

      In the event of a refund, we will deduct RM1,000 as the processing fee.*

      *Terms and Conditions apply.

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