Your business can now have a land line telephone numbers in over 50 countries.


be reachable from over 50 countries

You can now be reachable by your clients or your potential clients from over 50 countries at their local numbers. In another words, vOffice can provide you with a local fixed line telephone numbers in over 50 countries. Any calls to these numbers will be forwarded to your mobile or a telephone number of your choice.

With the local number from the countries of your choice, your prospect can call you without knowing that you are not physically there.


How much this will cost you?

Group A

Argentina Denmark Latvia Slovakia
Australia Estonia Lithuania Slovenia
Austria Finland Luxembourg South Africa
Belgium France New Zealand Spain
Brazil Germany Norway Sweden
Bulgaria Greece Peru Switzerland
Canada Ireland Poland Taiwan
Croatia Israel Portugal United Kingdom
Czech Republic Italy Romania United States




cost per month
one time setup fee (per number)

Group B

El Salvador Luxembourg Philippines
Chile Hong Kong New Zealand Russian Federation
China Hungary Norway Singapore
Costa Rica Japan Netherlands Vietnam
Cyprus Malta Panama  
Dominican Republic Mexico    




cost per month
one time setup fee (per number)


For every chosen country, your monthly price includes 500 minutes of call forwarding from that country to your mobile phone or to a Philippine telephone number of your choice.

Additional minutes @ IDR 10 per minute.

Download Global Telephone Numbers Brochure


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