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August 2015

As a company that focuses on helping individuals reach their potential to achieve their dreams as an entrepreneur, vOffice has chosen Andrew de Bratakusumah, the Director of PT Dalea Nusantara Mandiri to be our Entrepreneur of The Month.

Andrew De Bratakusumah

My friends asked my advise for Management and Sales in their business, or just for brainstorming. I feel like my life has a meaning that I can help and useful for others. My principal is we celebrate happiness together and help each others to during hard time.

The Interview

Who has inspired you in life?

There’s a lot of people who is inspired me. Everyone has a different characters, we can always learn from each of it, your friends or even your enemies, everyone has important roles in my life. But a person who inspire me most is our Prophet Nabi Muhammad SAW, He is a merchant, politician and society leader, he taught us how to react in this life, how to do proper business, he also learn from people, that’s what I do now.

What is your success tips?

To become successful is easy, the example is who you call as a great boxer is not who has the strongest punch, but the one who can resist that punch. The point is don’t avoid the problems we should face it, experiences makes us stronger and also I always pray to God to show me the right way.

Suggestion for vOffice

My suggestion is vOffice should more focus to empowering start up business, there’s a lot of start up business owner who have difficulties to find a work space, Maybe vOffice can have a cheaper alternative for working space to facilitate a young entrepreneurs to do their business and network.

How vOffice play a part toward your success?

vOffice is very useful for young entrepreneurs and start up business, vOffice provide prestigious business address with sensible price, with prestigious business address we become more trusted to our business partner and it’s have a positive impact to the business.

How vOffice play a part toward your success?

“vOffice has helped me with all the legalities in terms of setting up a company in the Philippines. They even provided me with the staffs and actual office space I needed to get the ball rolling.”

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Learn more about PT. Dalea Nusantara Mandiri at www.dalea.co.id.

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